Why do you also need the BALLance Dr. Tanja Kühne in your offer?
BALLance Dr. Tanja Kühne offers you a simple method for decompression of the spine with safe and immediate effect for your clients, members or patients. Out of the kyphosis, the spine is erected by working on its myofascial tissue. This ensures immediate relief of pressure in the back as well as in joints, internal organs, vessels and nerve tract.

Already after our eight-hour training you can use the BALLance Dr. Tanja Kühne in practice. The BALLance tools and BALLance exercises offer you great, tangible benefits with low investments. Our method also does not bind any additional training surface. Whether in group courses, in 1:1 supervision, in company fitness or therapy – BALLance Dr. Tanja Kühne is versatile and mobile. If you work with children and teenagers, we offer you with our Kids Only concept three age-appropriate programs to provide your young clients with simple help for self-help with back and posture problems.

You are certified to §20 ZPP? Great, then with BALLance Dr. Tanja Kühne you can take the Top Seller Course “Stretching of the Spine” (certified according to §20 ZPP) offer.
Eight-hour training online or in person
To be able to include BALLance Dr. Tanja Kühne in your offer, you first need eight hours of basic training – depending on your field of activity either in fitness & health, physio & therapy or Kids Only. Here you will become familiar with our BALLance tools you will learn the associated BALLance exercises. If there are more than six participants in a studio or practice, we offer you an in-house training directly at your place, ideally as part of our Premium introductory package, our “all-in” offer.

For the target group Fitness & Health there is also the Master module with in-depth information and exercises for the whole body training. You can book our training courses as a face-to-face or online event. Our calendar shows you all current training dates. You want to get started? Then book your training now or contact us by phone.
Exclusive Equipment
We are aware of our responsibility for a healthy back and guarantee the purchase and sale of our BALLance tools exclusively for specialist customers, that have completed our basic or Kids Only training and are registered with us as a specialist. And: after the training, we will continue to support you. Whether in regional network meetings, by exclusive access to our download area with ready-made training, marketing concepts and images or by providing information in our WhatsApp Business Channel – we will stay in touch and help you standing out from the competition and discount providers.

BALLance Dr. Tanja Kühne offers you the opportunity to attract new customers, retain existing customers and position yourself as a specialist for a pain-free back – everything with minimal investment.
We're here for you!
Do you have any questions about our offer? You need information to get started? Or have we already convinced you and you would like to register with us for a training course? Whatever it is, feel free to contact us at the head office or our employees in your region:

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Accounting: Melanie Glanz
Training Management: Isabella Rückert

Region North:
Lower Saxony, Hamburg and Schleswig Holstein

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